How to Use Our Website is a video website. The texts of our introduction videos are also presented.

Our website contains over 80 videos, most are followed by a short quiz designed to summarize the message of the video. Individuals, parents, Priests or teachers can designate certain videos to be watched which can then be discussed.

Most of the videos are three to five minutes in length; however, some of the interviews are as long as thirty minutes.

Each of our sections is further organized in parts, segments and sessions. The time of each video is noted at the beginning.

Our website is divided into sections and we provide our visitors with a viewer’s guide which permits keeping track of videos assigned or viewed. Each of the sections begins with an introduction which gives additional information about the section’s content.

There is no particular order in which the videos are to be watched. We do recommend beginning with Section 1, the Sixth Commandment and Catholic Theology.

So let me give you a road map to the sections of our website.

Section 1. The Sixth Commandment and Catholic Theology. Catholic Theologian,
Dr. John Fitzgerald, teaches a class of college students a condensed course on sexual morality. Suitable for middle school, high school, and Pre-Cana as well.

Section 2. Understanding God’s Plan for Love, Marriage and Sex. Lifenet is an educational organization that empowers young people with information on human sexuality. On our website, the LIFENET team presents a 5-part program about the beauty of chastity and the benefits of saving sex for marriage.

Section 3. Priests on Chastity. Fathers Dan McCaffrey and Matthew Habiger give insight on chastity both before and in marriage.

Section 4. Interviews of Nine Catholic Medical Doctors. Why they believe prescribing contraceptives is bad medicine and their better scientific management of women’s health naturally.

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Section 5. Fertility care and Natural Family Planning. Allison Dreher introduces the Billings Ovulation Method. Catholic women are offered free beginners lessons with Billings teachers in cycle charting through this website and three months free use of online software. Non-Catholic women are offered a special discount.

Section 6. Persons Attracted to member(s) of the Same Sex. This section is currently being developed.

Viewers Guide: For a complete list and short description of each of the videos, click on Viewers Guide.