Understanding God’s plan for Love, Marriage and Sex

In Part 1 Holly tells us that God, the Author of Love, invented sex for two main purposes. Jack discusses two important chemicals released in the brain during sexual activity and Christine explains that although man and woman are equal in dignity, God designed them to be different in many ways.

The second part of this program is divided into two sessions, Daughters of the King and What Does It Mean to be a Man. Marisol, Alexa and Holly talk about how each woman should have the standards of a princess when dating because she is the daughter of God our King.
Fr. Pomposello and Joe talk about the identity of being a man and how pornography destroys the man’s masculinity.

Part 3 explains the difference between authentic love and counterfeit intimacy. Here you will learn from Joe how to best prepare for and live out a long lasting marriage of authentic love.
Holly reviews venial and mortal sin and reminds us of God’s mercy and forgiveness in the Sacrament of Confession. I speak about the dangers of the birth control pill and discuss the benefits of natural family planning.

The fourth part of this program covers the consequences of sex outside of marriage, namely sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Sadly, many unplanned pregnancies lead to abortion. Christine lists the most common sexually transmitted diseases and I discuss the humanity of the unborn baby and the truth about abortion.

The fifth and final part of the program is called dating and waiting. Sam, Maria and Omar share practical tips on how to protect your heart, set boundaries and resist the pressure.

The Program ends in a commitment ceremony where those participating are encouraged to take a pledge of sexual purity and to save sex for marriage.