The Sixth Commandment and Catholic Theology

Dr. John Fitzgerald, lawyer and professor of Theology, begins his discussion by explaining the Magisterium and its role as the Catholic Church’s teaching authority.

He then discusses Church teaching on the connection between sexual morality and happiness.

He follows this with Catholic action theory and the building blocks of Catholic moral theology.

Next he gives an introduction to the Sixth Commandment: What it is. What it generally requires and prohibits, And why we should follow the Sixth Commandment.

The following topics are covered: masturbation, fornication, incest, sexual acts between members of the same sex, prostitution, pornography, rape, adultery, divorce, polygamy, contraception including sterilization, natural family planning, the various forms of assisted reproductive technology and adoption.

In a separate interview, Dr. Fitzgerald discusses a key principle of Catholic Moral Theology – the Principle of Legitimate Cooperation – in the context of the issue of Catholic Medical Doctors prescribing contraceptives.