Mission Statement

St. Augustine Foundation

Mission Statement

Hello, I’m Dr. Anne Tobak for the St. Augustine Foundation and, if you have a couple of minutes, I’d like to tell you about our mission.

The St. Augustine Foundation is a Charitable Organization established in 2001. Our mission is promoting the teaching of the Catholic Church.

We established this website, Catholicsexuality.com to promote chastity. This means abstaining from sex outside of marriage and living chastity within marriage, which includes not contracepting.

But chastity is not some kind of punishment. Chastity is the way to happiness, living the good life, loving God and neighbor, experiencing dignity, respect and true joy.

Promoting the Church’s teaching on sexual morality is important because so many Catholics have lost their way. They have been secularized. As a result, Catholics divorce and abort their pregnancies at approximately the same rate as the general population.

This secularization is the result of many things, including

1. The development of the birth control pill which gave impetus to the ‘sexual revolution’
2. The failure of many of the Catholic Clergy to immediately support Pope Paul VI’s prophetic 1968 encyclical “Humanae Vitae”.
3. The sex scandals of the Catholic Clergy.
4. The heretical statements of many politicians who profess to be Catholic but who promote legislation opposed to Church teachings.
5. The secularization of Catholic Medical doctors who cooperate in prescribing contraceptives, performing sterilizations and referring for abortions.
6. The fact that contraception and abortion are multibillion dollar businesses with enormous advertising budgets.

At Catholicsexuality.com, one of the things we do for Catholic women who make a pledge of chastity is to provide them with three months free beginners’ training of fertility awareness and natural family planning by trained Billings teachers using online cycle charting. We want Catholic women to become aware of, understand, and appreciate their fertility. When they do, they won’t have to compromise their dignity by allowing their perfectly healthy reproductive systems to be made dysfunctional.

We are, of course, pro-life.
No one likes abortion except those who profit by it.
No woman has ever been happy about considering an abortion and no man has ever been joyful about trying to convince a woman to abort.

We know 95% of abortions follow failed contraception.
Replace contraception with Chastity and eliminate abortion.

The Sexual Revolution has failed in its Promise to bring Happiness

Chastity is what brings true joy and happiness. But to live chastely requires respecting and understanding God’s Plan for spousal love and then making a commitment to follow God’s Plan. Chastity can be a challenge. But the most difficult part is to make the commitment to live a chaste life. It gets easier the more one understands why God calls us to live this way. In the words of St. John Paul II, it is really about love and responsibility.

Our Mission then is to assist Catholic men and women, Catholic Clergy, Catholic parents, Catholic teachers and Catholic Medical Doctors in understanding the teachings of the Church on sexual morality so that they may better effectively live chaste lives.