Part 12 Fertility Awareness Based Methods

For good and just reasons the Catholic Church does allow married couples to use Fertility Awareness Bases Methods to postpone having children.  This is also called Natural Family Planning or NFP. NFP isn’t meant to be used for trivial or selfish reasons, but after prayer and discernment. There are many variations of NFP methods, but they are all based on some combination of a woman’s sensations, assessment of cervical mucus and a determination of the time of ovulation. Generally speaking, men are always fertile. Women are fertile for approximately 6 – 8 days in each of their menstrual cycles. Fertility Awareness Methods of NFP are based upon determining those fertile days and abstaining during those days. Couples who practice NFP experience many benefits including, better communication, acquisition of self-mastery, mutual respect, lower divorce rates, and continued enthusiasm for sexual intimacy.

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