Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning – The Billings Ovulation Method

In this section we give you the information you need to lead a good, chaste married life without resorting to contraceptives. This is not easy in the secular world. Contraception is a multi-billion dollar business and more than 90% of medical doctors treating women, including Catholic doctors, are prescribing contraceptives and have no training and no clue in how to treat women naturally. Fortunately in 1953 John and Evelyn Billings, married with six children at that time and both practicing medical doctors, decided to spend three months studying whether it was possible to design a more effective natural family planning method. This was the beginning of what was then called the Ovulation Method. We want to acknowledge WOOMB, The World Organization of Ovulation Method Billings and are grateful for their assistance and support in our preparing of Billings Ovulation Method presentation for this website.

Billings teacher, Allison Dryer gives a three part presentation of the Billings Method. The first two parts are suitable for viewing of all ages. The third part requires parental guardian consent for women under seventeen unless they are already married. The presentations contain test questions. Upon successful completion of reviewing these presentations, women are eligible for what we call beginners training in charting their menstrual cycle. Women can receive an authorization from this website to contact a Billings teacher for three telephone conferences to review the student’s charting.

For Catholic women, there is no charge for either of the three short sessions or the use of the online charting system provided by www.NFPcharting.com. For non-Catholic women we have arranged a special discount of $30 for these three teaching sessions. No fees are charged by this website and no money is to be sent to this website. Any payment to Billings teachers should be made directly to the Billings teacher. There is no charge by www.NFPcharting.com for the first four months of using its charting system. We want to acknowledge NFP charting and thank them for their generous support. Any women wishing to continue with their online charging can do so for what amounts to pennies a day. We caution that this is beginners training and is not considered to be full training. We encourage women to consult with their Billings teacher regarding a full and appropriate course of instructions.

Finally we note that there are at least ten methods of NFP including the Creighton Model System which is taught in the practices of many of the Catholic Medical Doctors interviewed on this website. Again, we thank WOOMB for approving the text of the 2007 publication of Dr. Lek-Lim Chan entitled ‘Differences between the Billings Ovulation and other methods of Natural Family Planning’. This reference can be purchased online or directly from your Billings teacher.