Welcome to Our Website CatholicSexuality.com

Every message on this website is completely consistent with and in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic Church on sexual morality.

Our website was produced to hopefully counteract some of the devastating spiritual harm that has resulted from the so-called sexual revolution.

Casual sex – sex without total commitment and self giving – provides immediate, fleeting pleasure at best – but not true happiness.

Joy and true happiness follows chastity.

This website helps to teach how to live a chaste life. Men and women and boys and girls can certainly teach themselves from this website.

However, our website has been designed to be used by parents, clergy, doctors and others to teach the truths of our Catholic faith on the issues of sexual morality.

Sexual education is difficult to teach. This Website easily allows for assignments to watch videos which can later be discussed.

For more on the philosophy of our website, click on our Mission Statement.

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